Photographer Apparel for Men and Women

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Heavy Duty Garment Press $399

        This 15 x 15 flat press is just the tool for making photo shirts for all occasions. Our press is perfect for the Special light weight wicking material we recommend you use that was specifically designed and engineered for digital decorating. A garment you will find yourself wearing.
         Our Basic T-Vapor Shirt comes in white, sky blue, gray, black, red, silver and gold. Our T-Vapor also comes in white with red ribbing, white with royal blue ribbing and white with black ribbing. Womens Apparel colors are silver, white, sky blue and pink. Our basic T-Vapor shirts and blouses have a suggested starting retail price of $19.95.
         Extreme Digital Photo Polo comes in blizzard blue, white, and sand. Our Vapor Polo Garment has a starting suggested retail price of $29.95.
        The Extreme Photo micro performance apparel combines micro performance with great style and technical materials into a traditonally tailored wicking garment.
        Constructed to withstand a rigorous active environment, over 85 styles and colors, odor, mildew, soil resistant and anti-microbial. Blank shirts range in price from $5 to $8 affording profit margins in the 400% range.

Extreme Vapor Apparel adds a whole new dimension to personalized garments.
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